daily paintings

Beach Roses at Acadia

Elizabeth Fraser, Beach Roses at Acadia • 8×6 * oil on cradled wood panel • SOLD
Michael Fraser, Beach Roses at Acadia • 6×6 • oil on wood • $100 • purchase link

We decided to keep our Acadia theme running this week for our Sibling Saturday/Sunday post. Here we have a spectacular summer morning from the shores of Mount Desert Island, somewhere along the park loop road. Everything about this scene screams Maine summer … the rocky shore, the pine trees, the islands and the fragrant beach roses in the foreground. Can’t you smell them? We used the same reference photo but each cropped in on it in a different way and painted on different size wood panels.

Owl’s Head Sunset

Owl’s Head Sunset • 6×6 • oil on cradled wood panel • $100 • purchase link

I tagged this photo I took last fall of an Owl’s Head sunset from the ferry from Vinalhaven and today was the day I decided to play with it in paint. I like the simple lines of the composition and the stripes of color throughout the painting. We had gray skies and rain on and off most of the day, so I don’t think I’ll be witnessing a sunset here tonight, but I hope we all get to enjoy the magic of a sunset soon!

Summer Morning / Summer Night

Summer Sunrise • 10×5 • gouache on watercolor paper • $100 • purchase link

Summer Night • 10×5 • gouache on watercolor paper • $100 • purchase link

For tiny tuesday this week I decided to play around with a couple of panoramic gouache paintings that celebrate summer. This week I witnessed many magical moments on the Maine coast, so it was hard to narrow my selection down … but I decided to capture a sunrise from the Eastern Prom and a nighttime view from the ferry leaving Peaks Island. Enjoy! xo

Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset • oil on cradled wood • SOLD

We took the ferry out to Peaks Island last week and caught a stunning sunset that I couldn’t resist capturing in paint. The monotone sky and water with the bright pink sun and reflection reminded me of a Monet painting. And this beautiful sailboat was headed right into the reflection–so pretty! I know this unusual and striking sky is due to the wildfires out west which is sad and concerning. Ugh. It’s just crazy–I hope everyone in those areas is safe and may the fires subside soon. xox. Be safe and enjoy summer. xox

Cadillac Mountain Day Break

E. Fraser • Cadillac Mountain Day Break • 6×6 • oil on wood cradled panel • SOLD
M. Fraser • Cadillac Mountain Day Break • 6×6 • oil on wood cradled panel • $100 • purchase link

This week my brother and I decided to paint this amazing vista from atop Cadillac Mountain at sunrise that I was lucky enough to witness last summer. Breathtaking. The colors, the water and those Porcupine islands. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I don’t think I will ever tire of painting these little islands.

Last summer I took my paddleboard up to Acadia and paddled around a couple of the Porcupine islands after watching the sun come up. It was such a treat to experience them from the water and to get up close enough to see how dense the growth on them is.

Rain Cloud at the Beach

Rain Cloud at the Beach • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD

We’ve had so many floating rain clouds and fast moving storms this month, and I love it! The skies have been incredible and to see the warm summer rain hit the water and pavement is so soothing. This particular rain cloud missed us, but I sure had fun admiring it from the shore.

Clouds at Kettle Cove

Clouds at Kettle Cove by Elizabeth Fraser • 6×6 • oil on canvas • SOLD
Clouds at Kettle Cove by Michael Fraser • 6×6 • oil on wood • SOLD

It’s so fun to see how my brother and I can look at the same thing and see it in such a different light.  This week my we decided to paint a Kettle Cove view for our sibling set.  It doesn’t matter how many times we head down Kettle Cove Road, getting that view of the ocean and Richmond Island always takes our breath away.  It’s just that pretty.  We both worked from the same reference photo, but I managed to not see a little detail my brother picked up on.  Can you spot it? I’m just going to blame it on my shifting vision. 🙂  Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Black-eyed Susans

Black-eyed Susans • 4×4 • oil on cradled wood panel • $50 • purchase link

A sweet friend gave us a beautiful bouquet of black-eyed susans from the farmers’ market last week and I just couldn’t resist painting these little beauties. They are just soooo happy! They are painted on small 4×4 inch wood panels with 1 inch deep edges. I loved painting on this surface because it felt so smooth and hard against the brush. I think there will be more of wood panels in the future. I was able to focus on gestures and strokes and I love the light and cheerful feeling these evoke. Purchase all 3 and get free shipping. 🙂

Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset • 8×8 • oil on canvas • SOLD

My brother Michael is an amazing oil painter and my inspiration for diving into oil painting over 25 years ago. 🙂 We live near one another and enjoy talking about art and painting, but we haven’t collaborated in ages. After much chit chat, we decided it would be fun to play together and paint from the same reference photo or on location together on a regular basis and call it Sibling Sunday (paintings posted Saturday & released on social media on Sunday). Here’s the first one of many, we hope!

Michael’s kids chose a Lake Champlain picture from one of our many collective photos and we made it happen. This here is a summer sunset with a crescent moon as seen from the water. We have always loved going out in the canoe or paddleboard at sunset to get a sweeping view of the sky when visiting the summer camp in North Hero.

Michael Fraser • 12×12 • oil on wood
Elizabeth Fraser • 8×8 • oil on canvas • SOLD

You can see that we have both captured some of the same elements of the sunset, but in very different ways. So fun. You can purchase these paintings individually (here for Michael / here for Elizabeth), or as a Fraser Sibling set (set includes free shipping).

Follow Michael on Instagram and visit his website.

Fishing Shacks in Gouache

Fishing Shacks at Fisherma’s Point • gouache on paper • $50 • purchase link

I did a little daily painting of the fishing shacks not that long ago and I kept thinking that it’d be fun to do a few gouache paintings of them, so here you go. I’m having fun playing in gouache–it’s a different kind of meditative creative process for me. The paintings are done on cold press watercolor paper approx 6×6 or 5×6 inches and the paintings are approx 4×4 or 4×3 inches. Wishing you a good week!