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Fort Gorges

We’ve got a Fort Gorges set for you this week for Sibling Sunday! This fort is such an iconic landmark on Casco Bay–it can be seen from just some many places in Portland, South Portland and some of the islands. We just can’t get enough of it. We painted this view of it as seen […]

Stars Over Lake

The stargazing in North Hero is gorgeous! This week Michael and I decided to paint that beautiful night’s sky with the glow of Burlington off in the distance. So magical! I decided to play around with a palette knife on my painting which was lots of fun. We hope you enjoy them. Purchase Elizabeth’s • […]

VT Gouache Set

It’s tiny tuesday and I couldn’t help but play with my gouache paintings while in Vermont. I did the Mt. Mansfield one seated on my paddleboard, but the steady movement from the water actually made me feel a little sea sick, so that was my first and last attempt at that. 🙂 These are the […]

Sunset Cloud

This week my brother and I decided to paint this soft summer sunset over Butler’s Island, as seen from my paddleboard. It was so hot out on this particular evening and the water was so still–a boat with a few fishermen went by me and left with some ripples in the water, which made the […]

Sunset Over the Point

I was out on my paddleboard last night watching the sunset and I caught the most beautiful sunset reflection in the clouds above Holiday Point. So pretty! Heading out on my paddleboard after dinner as the sunsets is one of my favorite things to do while I’m here on Lake Champlain. It’s always a treat. […]

Camel’s Hump

My favorite Green Mountain view is always Camel’s Hump. It’s so recognizable and I just love the shape of it and the layers of hills that sit beneath it–oh, and I love the name. Once upon a time my partner and I hiked up there in the fall with our basset hound and camped out […]

Palette Sky Series

It’s tiny tuesday! I’ve played with a palette knife before (but not in a REALLY long time) so I decided I would give it another shot this week for tiny tuesday. I used reference photos from 3 of my favorite places–a sunset rain cloud from Lake Champlain in VT, a spectacular Eastern Prom sunrise in […]

City Bay Sunrise

It’s time for some family camp painting for me and my brother. 🙂 Since the age if 2 & 3, we have been spending some summertime on the shores of Lake Champlain in Northern Vermont. Driving onto the Champlain Islands always makes me feel like I’m coming home and I know the same holds true […]

Marsh Paddle

I went for a couple of paddles on the Spurwink River in Cape Elizabeth this week and it was so pretty. It was actually the first time I had ever taken my standup paddleboard to the marsh and now I’m wondering what I was waiting for! Floating with the current of the tides while watching […]