Acadia in Gouache

Acadia in Gouache Series4x4s • gouche on cold press watercolor paper • $50 each

I went up to Acadia National Park for a few days last week with a friend and just soaked up the beauty and the trails all over Mount Desert Island. I squeezed in a lot of outdoor time in a short amount of time … from a sunset hike to an early morning paddle, a day of bike riding the carriage trails and a rainy day walk around Great Head. Magic! It does wonders for the soul to spend time in the woods and on the water.

I’ve been curious about trying gouache, so I used this getaway as my inspiration for diving into a new medium. Gouache is beautiful, rich, opaque and really quick drying. The quick drying part was the hardest thing for me to get used to, but after 7 little paintings and a few sketches in the sketchbook, I felt like I was getting the hang of it and had lots of fun doing them. These little paintings are done on some very thick cold press watercolor paper with deckled edges. Paper is approximately 6×6 or 6×5 inches and the paintings themselves are about 4×4 or 4×3 inches. Here’s a video reveal of the tiny tuesday acadia series.

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